Friday, July 1, 2011

Man Busted For Smoking in McDonald's Drive Thru

I was bored and was surfing the internet when I came across something rather funny actually: 
(CBS) Police didn't have to look far to bust an Illinois man for possession of marijuana at a McDonald's drive-thru - they say he was right in front of them. 

Jose S. Barrera, of Elgin, Ill., was arrested early Monday after police said he smoked marijuana in a drive-thru lane of a McDonald's while a police car was directly behind him in line, a report says.  The report claims that the officer said that he smelled smoke, after looking around trying to locate the sorce, the officer then witnessed Barrera lean out his window and blow smoke from his car.

Okay people, I know that as stoners we get a little excited and can't always wait to get home before lighting up, but if you are gonna smoke ALWAYS CHECK THE REARVIEW.  Maybe he was prepping for his mcdonalds. You know tryin to help himself to the munchies. 

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