Friday, July 1, 2011

Herbal Incense Review: Omnitraks Productions' Boss Blend

In depth review and description of a brand of Legal Herbal Incense Made by Omnitraks Productions Called: Boss Blend. 100% Legal. Available at

Legal Herbal Incense; Boss Blend Review:
Legal Herbal Incense is a new fad that is sweeping across our Country.  More and more Americans are passing up on the weed and passing around the incense.  Being fairly new to the incense scene and knowing that there are hundreds of brands to choose from, I didn’t know where to start.  Luckily my friend turned me on to this web site called; he assured me that they had quality products at a convenient price.  So I checked out the website.  Upon first arrival to I was greeted by a flash intro that promised me High Grade Quality Incense for a low cost by OmniTraks Productions
After a few minutes exploring the site, which I recommend you do to see all the custom music and art created by OmniTraks Productions, I clicked on the link to the products page and began my quest.  After clicking on the products tab I was immediately redirected to a page full of colorful and enticing incense labels.  Again, being new to Herbal Incense, I started at the top. This website offered me a lot of different gram options for a very low price.  The price ranges from $9.00 to one gram, all the way up to $100 for 20 grams *which is a good deal*.  After making my selection I clicked on one of the easy checkout buttons powered by Alert Pay.    I Chose Boss Blend.    

Once I was directed to the check out page I was able to select my method of payment.  The payment options include, Money Order, Western Union, Check, and Coming soon Credit Cards and Debit Cards. You also have the option to create a free account and load money from your credit card into your on-line Alert Pay account; you may then directly purchase your items with the money from the account, never having to reveal personal information.   That was the method I chose.  Signing up for took less than five minutes and now allows me to purchase items on the Internet without having to provide a credit card.  The cost of shipping was also really low, keeping the over all cost of my purchase lower than any of my surrounding stores.
After making my purchase I was really excited to try this product.  Shipping was relatively fast, only about 3-4 business days delivered by the USPS.  OmniTraks Productions do not ship to the following 6 states due to the states individual legality on Legal Herbal Incense; Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island.
As soon as I opened the package I was all smiles.  Boss Blend was packaged in individual jars with twist on black lids.  The label was very detailed and definitely sticks out compared to other brands.  The blend consisted of damiana leaf and mullein leaf and other herbal extracts; making this product 100% legal.  From the first second my lighter torched the herb, I was surrounded by an overwhelming yet fragrant smell.  Boss Blend also comes in a variety of flavors; I tried bubble gum and would highly recommend it!
After a few puffs of Boss Blend, I was hooked.  Boss Blend’s ingredients have been proven to react with C1 and C2 receptors, making this an intense relaxed feeling.  The feeling that Boss Blend provided me with lasted for a long time, roughly 2 to 3 hours.  Overall I would give Boss Blend products a Five Star rating.  The website provided what they promised, which was High Quality Herbal Incense at a convenient price.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.  You get so much more for your money!

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